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Unisys Financial Equipment

Complete & Tested Units, Parts and Repairs Available for the Following Unisys Financial Equipment:

Unisys MT355

Unisys EF7000 Disk Based System

Unisys EF4673

Unisys EF7100 Prom Based System

Unisys EF4670

Unisys EF7903

Unisys EF7904

Unisys EF4790 Monitor

Unisys EF4340

Unisys EF4350

Unisys EF4430

Unisys EF4440

Unisys EF4250

Unisys EF4260

Unisys EF4561

Unisys EF4562

Unisys EF4565

Unisys EF4271

Unisys EF4272

Unisys EF4600

Unisys EF4600-1

Unisys EF4605

Unisys EF4605-1

Unisys EFP9509

Unisys EFP9512

Unisys EFP9524

Unisys EF4591

Unisys EF4592

Unisys EFR430

Code Varies
Material Varies